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Dual Enrollment - Degree Level Track

The Dual Enrollment (DE) program allows high school students to take academic degree level core courses that will transfer to any TCSG or USG college or university, occupational courses, and diploma level core courses. Some students may choose to enroll fully into a degree, diploma or technical certificate of credit program, or they may choose to just take a few courses. All college coursework taken through DE will be fully covered through DE funding, and students will not be required to pay out of pocket for tuition, college fees, or textbooks. The only fees students may be responsible for are course-specific fees determined by the college. No hours taken through the DE program will count towards a student’s HOPE Grant or Scholarship caps. Participating in the DE program is a great incentive for high school students to get ahead on their college coursework!

Southeastern Technical College offers a schedule of college degree-level courses designed for Dual Enrollment eligible students to be able to get a head start on their college careers while in high school. Instead of taking your first college English course in a class of 300, take it in a smaller setting with a class no larger than 25 students—and with an instructor that knows your name!

Click here to see the list of degree-level DE courses that are guaranteed to transfer to any University System of Georgia college or university as long as the student earns a grade of “C” or better.

Benefits for Students Participating in Dual Enrollment

  • Introduces students to college-level coursework
  • College credits taken through the DE program do not count against the HOPE Scholarship or HOPE Grant hours after you graduate from high school
  • College credits do count toward new high school rigor requirements and HOPE Scholarship rigor requirements
  • Students who participate in DE get a 0.5 boost in their HOPE Scholarship GPA calculation upon graduation from high school. (Please note – this does not apply to your local GPA calculation.)
  • Tuition and textbooks are totally covered through the DE program
  • Earning college credits while still in high school may enable students to graduate early and/or possibly even earn an associate degree, diploma or certificate
  • Helps students adjust to certain aspects of the college experience (e.g., classes, coursework, instruction, being on a college campus) so the transition from high school to college may be easier
  • Students who participate in Dual Enrollment are more likely to go to college and get a college degree
  • Students may be able to take classes that are not offered at the high school, especially in subject areas they are interested in for a potential career
  • Participating in a DE program demonstrates the students ability to handle more difficult coursework which is something college admissions officers may look upon favorably during admissions and recruiting
  • Taking college-level classes while still in high school may build confidence and encourage those students who may not be thinking about college to reconsider


Any 9th – 12th grade student enrolled in an eligible Georgia high school or home study program much submit satisfactory Accuplacer, SAT, ACT or Compass test scores to participate in DE.

      Test Reading  Writing Numerical Algebra
      ACCUPLACER 64 70   57
      ASSET 41 40   42
      COMPASS 79 62 37  
      SAT 26 26 24  
      ACT 17 16 19  
      GA Milestones ELA 525 525    
      HOPE GPA 2.6      

To view more information about test score requirements for the program, please click here. If you have not taken the placement exam yet, please contact the High School Coordinator to schedule a time to test. There are NO residency or citizenship requirements.

How do I enroll?

Interested students must first meet with their high school guidance counselor. New DE students must complete a Dual Enrollment Student Participation Agreement and submit a completed Dual Enrollment Admissions Application

Additionally, students must also complete a Dual Enrollment Funding Application through GA Futures. Instructions for this can be found thru the GaFutures DE Funding Application Instructions document.

Dual Enrollment Process

What does it cost?

Tuition and fees are covered for eligible students by the Dual Enrollment program. Books will also be provided at no charge, but a Book Rental Agreement must be signed and there could be a charge for lost or damaged book(s). Some programs might require course-specific fees, however, most STC programs do not require such fees. You can speak with the High School Initiatives Coordinator to find out specifics about course-related fees.