Southeastern Technical College

Southeastern Technical College
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Vidalia Campus
Library: Room 143, Administration Building
Computer Lab: Room 803, Gillis Building

Swainsboro Campus
Library: Room 2165, Instructional Building
Computer Lab: Room 8133, Building 8

Text Us @ 912-388-0343

For more information:

Leah Dasher
Director of Library Services
Vidalia Campus
Swainsboro Campus
(912) 538-3186


Public Services

Public Services

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Technology Access

Students and Staff can now access Student Email, Blackboard, Remote Lab Desktop Services, BannerWeb, Library Resources (Galileo) via the mySTC portal, by clicking the Current Students link, or Quick Links on the STC website at

To access mySTC, complete the following steps: 

When mySTC or the STC webpage is not accessible, students can access the above items directly using the following external links:

Student Email (Office 365):

When you first access the Office 365 email, you may have to answer two questions before being able to login.  Login as follows.

Office 365 Username:
Office 365 Password:  insert your BannerWeb 6 digit Pin

You will need to use your named email accounts (3rd party id) from STC to send email from this point forward.  You can find your 3rd party email address in the email portal by clicking the icon in the upper right corner - click view account - click personal information. You will then see your email address with your named email address on the right.  (i.e.  Write your new college email address down.

*For Instructors Only
Instructor Username:  (instructor email address is
Instructor Password: (insert your email password)


(See the 43_ in front)
Username:  43_9xxxxxxxx
Password:  43_9xxxxxxxx   unless you changed it.  If changed, type in what you changed it to.

*For Instructors Only
Instructor Username:  843_##### (fill in with your id such as FLast3)
Instructor Password: (insert your blackboard password)

Remote Lab:  

Student Username:  students\9xxxxxxxx   (insert your student id number)
Student Password: Insert your BannerWeb 6 digit Pin

*For Instructors Only
Instructor Username:  stc\<username>  (insert your username such as FLast3)
Instructor Password: (insert your email password)


Username:  9xxxxxxxx (insert your student id number)
Password: Insert your BannerWeb 6 digit Pin

*For Instructors Only
Instructor Username:  (insert your 9XXXXXXXX #)
Instructor Password: (insert your BannerWeb 6 digit pin)