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Public Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule to take the ACCUPLACER Placement Test?

Submit a completed application along with the application fee to the Admissions Office on either the Swainsboro or Vidalia campus.  Next, contact the Admissions Office and request to have your name added to the testing sign-up sheet on the campus you plan to test at.

What do I need to bring to take the ACCUPLACER test?

Students should bring a pencil and official photo identification such as a driver’s license or state ID (passport or military ID also accepted).

How long does the test take?

The average testing time is about two hours. The sections are untimed, so the actual time used varies based on reading speed and academic skills.

Am I allowed to take the test more than once?

Students are allowed one retest in each section of the test in which they scored below “program ready.”  A retest fee of $15.00 must be paid prior to attempting a retest.

I am not familiar with computers.  Is there a written test available?

Yes.  ACCUPLACER Companion is offered as an alternative to the traditional ACCUPLACER test.  It is paper-and-pencil.  Students may NOT use a calculator on the ACCUPLACER Companion test.

How do I prepare for the ACCUPLACER Test?

The two following links will assist you in preparing to take the ACCUPLACER exam.

What is the ACCUPLACER Test?

Sample Test Questions

What are the requirements for admission?

Admission requirements vary by the type of admission a student is seeking.  For additional information, please visit the Admissions tab on our homepage and click on your admission type.

What type of financial assistance is available to me?

STC offers a variety of financial aid options that includes grants and scholarships that are non-repayable.  In addition to the grants and scholarships, Southeastern Tech also offers low-interest student loans that must be paid back.

How can I get a copy of my transcript?

Unofficial transcripts may be accessed through Bannerweb. Official transcripts must be requested through the Registrar’s Office. A Records Release Form must be completed by the student in order for the transcript to be released. Students may request one official transcript free of charge. There will be a $5 fee for additional transcripts. Transcripts are processed within four business days from the date of the request.

I have changed my mind about the program I initially chose.  Can I change it?

Sure.  Students who wish to change their program of study may do so in the Admissions Office by filling out the appropriate paperwork.  Please note that some program changes may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility and may require additional placement testing.

I was accepted last semester, but I could not start then.  What do I need to do to start this semester?

Students are allowed to miss two semesters before having to reapply.  A new application is not required for students who reapply.

How much does a program cost?

Program costs vary depending on the number of credit hours taken each semester.  For specifics information about tuition and fees please visit the Tuition and Fees section of our website.

How can I check the status of my application?

Prospective students should contact the Admissions Office on the campus they wish to attend and speak with an Admissions representative.

Do I have to have a high school diploma or GED to attend STC?

A high school diploma or high school equivalent is required for admission to all credit programs at Southeastern Tech, with the exception of the Commercial Truck Driving program.